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Urbano Delgado
Learning Experience Designer

M.S. Ed. 2008
B.A. Behavioral Science 2006

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What's instructional design to me?
Instructional design is the process of designing sustainable solutions to opportunities for learning through the application of analysis, learning theory, information architecture, presentation, interactivity and assessment.

So then elearning is..?
It's all the above and the thoughtful integration of technology, too.

Development Process
I use a design thinking process while leveragng the ADDIE and ARCS instructional models.

Target Populations Served

My interests include:

  • Researching how learning efficacy can be positively influenced through the integration of socialization, story, and technology
  • Aerial videography with UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
  • Simulation using virtual worlds, as in nursing education

What's New?
I'll soon be offering aerial videography services for educators. I'm working towards licensure as a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) pilot under Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR). Need some video or still photography from up higher than the roof? Give me a call. Go live date on this service is January 2017.

Professional Development
EdCamp has been my primary source of professional development since 2013. I have learned a great deal about designing transformational learning experiences, cost effectively, alongside teachers and others serving kids in schools. I consult with schools, teachers and parents on engagement problems and opportunities. Find out more by reaching out to me at 602-730-1390.

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